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Shaping Tomorrow's Mobility with a Spectrum of Car Models and Dynamic Projects

Board Of Directors

Jihad Mohammad
Chief Executive Officer
Mokhtar Makkouk
Chief Finance Office
Hassan El Hojeiry
Production Manager
Mihael Merkler
VIP Automotive Design
Joumana Hosri
VP Operations
Said El Hajj
VP Environmental Affairs
Mohammad Berjawi
VP Communication Technology & Digital
Elias Ph. Assouad
Board Member
Nada Ali
VP Corporate Academy

​​Advisory and Management Board

Dr.Jamal Faris Nayfe
Advisory Board
Özgür Ali Aslan
VP Manufacturing Facilities
Ralph Saab
Advisory Board

EV Electra Key Milestones


QUDS CAPITAL launched in France and other European countries following several years of research and development.


EV Electra announced the signing of a Letter of Intent for a reverse merger with DrazCanna, Inc. This significant step in the company’s capital structure is aimed at facilitating future growth, with a planned share exchange that will see EV Electra’s outstanding shares integrated with DrazCanna, Inc.


EV Electra had purchased the rights to the NEVS Emily GT and PONS Robotaxi projects. The dynamic interplay between historical legacy of SAAB, technological innovation, and the anticipation of automotive revival come together to script a new chapter for Trollhättan and the global electric vehicle landscape.

NEVS Emily GT Summary of Specifications

  • Boasts exceptional road handling, a 1000-kilometers range
  • More spacious interiors compared to its electric counterparts
  • The vehicle houses a 120-horsepower motor on each wheel, amassing to a remarkable 480 horsepower. A later iteration promises a total of 653 horsepower and 2,200 Nm, harnessed from four-wheel motors.
  • This configuration propels the car from 0 to 100 km/h in just over three seconds.

History Timeline

2020 JAN
Engineering initiation:

The detailed design started on 8th of January with a few skilled engineers in each development area.

The Emily project organization was set. The frozen "Master

Timing Chart" (MTC) was release on 31 January.

2020 FEB
Engineering kick-off:

The majority of the design engineers were briefed on the assignment on 14th of February. All design areas was to go full speed ahead". The final key attributes were defined.

2020 MAR

The Covid 19 virus was spreading. A lot of mitigation activities was started. several supplier changes and agreements with suppliers and supplier chains was needed over the next months.  timeline is a graphical representation on which important events are marked.

2020 MAY
Design sync:

Integration sync event 9th may, virtual verification of complete  mechanical design. All  interfaces verified.

2020 JUN
Vehicle tests:

Start up of the Chassis mule, intended to test the Battery, Powertrain  with In wheel motors and chassis systems

including brakes.

Interior parts Tooling kick Off.

2020 JUL
Body manufacturing:

Start of body building in  Trollhättan manufacturing plant on the 6th of July.

2020 AUG

The first complete body was produced and ready for

painting on the 7th of August.

General assembly: 

The first vehicle went off the Production line on the 26th of August.

Start up of Emily 01: After electrical- and quality checks, the pre-runner was started on 31 August (9 months after assignment).

2020 SEP
Vehicle verification:

First chassis, wheel Motor, and brakes tuning loop finished on the 11th of  September.

Event with NEVS executives for buy off drive 24th September- 10 months after start.

First verified vehicle drive at Hallered test track, close to

Gothenburg. Verified with films.

2020 NOV
Project closure:

Project is closed on November the 13, 2020. Due to Evergrande financial issues only 6 out of the 10 cars were

finished. More than the 96% of the parts to build the remaining 4 cars is already in NEVS warehouse

  • The factory opened in 1947 under the ownership of Saab AB, then passing to Saab Automobile.
  • From 1989 to 2010, the factory was partially (1989–1999), then completely (2000-2010) owned by general Motors 
  • The plant ended production in 2011 and restarted in 2013, after the NEVS purchase of Saab Automobile. The Trollhättan complex, including the assembly, is the sole site of all Saab engineering and manufacturing activities.
  • The blueprints for resuming vehicle production within the historic walls of the Saab factory in Trollhättan have taken concrete shape and brightened substantially after EV Electra Acquisition of Emily GT, and PONS Projects.