In the media

A live broadcast  interview with EV Electra’s director Mr. Jihad Mohammad. In this live interview EV Electra’s CEO shed some light and gave  accurate information  on the the backstory, evolution and the latest  corporate and technical developments regarding the company and its cars.

Mr. Mohammad highlights in this interview the the acquisition of NEVS that took place on December 2023. The car Emily was the main event is this deal, a masterpiece of elegance, technology and luxury in the market of electric cars. 

Acquisition of the Emily and PONS Projects

EV Electra, announced a strategic acquisition of the Emily and PONS product lines and related assets from NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden) during a press conference at the eCarExpo in Gothenburg, Sweden. This acquisition is a landmark move that reinforces EV Electra's commitment to innovation, growth, and the localization of production.